About this blog

It is a small revolution that transformed the “Languages” section of résumés: in addition to the traditional list “English”, “Spanish” ou “French”, new exotic mentions changing all the time have appeared. Python, Java, C, Javascript and many more became the necessary keywords to get a new sorts of jobs, for which recruiting is very active. It is tempting to relate programming langugages to “natural” languages, and it is true they have many common points. Indeed, there are families of programming languages to miror the natural languages families ; and it is also faster to learn a new programming language once you master a certain number of them.

The goal of this blog is to explore and explain, to those who might program but always wondered how things worked under the hood, the new linguistics of these new languages, what makes them diverse and different. Beyond the intellectual curiosity, this understanding is in my opinion essential for everyone who will need to write a program more complex than a scripts of a dozen lines of code, because it allows to make informed choices based on more than just the latest trend.